Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Introducing La Belle's Mild & Delicate Formulated Ampoules & Essences! Extracted from the Best of Natural Botanic Ingredients perfectly to use with your Daily Skin Care Regime :D

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La BelleTM was inspired by the idea of owning a high quality and easily affordable skin care range! Our specilaty on Ampoules and Essences where its formulation objective is to targt our inner skin cells! The careful blend of ingredients are so fine, mild & delicate which allows fast and effective absorption into the deeper layers of our skin.
La BelleTM consists a wide range of skincare products with a wide selected distribution channels which covers from Professional Beauty Salons to Aesthetician Entrepreneurs .

We always focus on after sales service and constantly encourage our customers to understand on the product usage to improve our skin conditions and best of all to achieve our ever dreaming desire results. Why? Simply because we love to see our customers smiling happily after using La Belle and to tell us that their improved conditions and to develop more self confident on their daily appearances.

This is how we work at La BelleTM because we believe in Natural Beauty for your natural delicate and radiant skin!
LA BELLETM Ampoules & Essences uses only finest natural herbs and botanical extracted ingredients, vitamins, minerals & enzymes and by combining with the advance research and technology to achieved many desired skin results. Skin will show remarkable improvement and more radiant after daily usage :)

Read through my blog on the types of the self selected ampoules & essences cater exclusively for different skin types and to look beautiful & the best on your usual everyday!

 Do check out what are the natural resources/ ingredients that blended inside La Belle's products....all are mainly extracted from the Best of Natural Resources listed below!

If you have any enquiries on which Ampoules and Essences that suit your skin types, do contact with me at cher_yl@hotmail,com or ch3ryl19@gmail.com :) You may also whatsapp me at +6012-2091068. I will reply immediately once noted your message :)

Thanks for everything and Happy Shopping Girls!

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