Tuesday, October 29, 2013

La Belle Essence Range~ High Graded Essence is now available for sale!

Newly Improved Formula La Belle Essence Range for your Precious Soft Skin!

LA BELLETM Essence use high concentration of natural and organically derived botanical nutrients in this Signature Blend. Exclusively formulated to replenish skin essential nourishment and to penetrate deeper into the skin for an effective result. Your skin will rejuvenate and restore to best condition.

I usually apply the Essence in the morning together with my selected choice of Day Cream!
  1. All essences are sold in a box of 10 vials of the same type. Check prices below.
  2. Essences are not available for mix or sold separately due to different skin condition, I do not encourage mixing.

La Belle Gold Essence (New Packing with New Improved Formula)
For Normal to Dry, Less Toned, Aged & with Dark Aging or Sun Spot Skin Type. 

LA BELLETM Gold Essence use 24K Pure gold leaf helps to slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. It also assists in protection against pollution effects & damaging UV rays. Gold speeds up cellular processes and active regeneration to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and reduce fine line & wrinkle.
RM 75.00 for each box!!

La Belle Hydra Essence (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

For All Skin Type; works perfectly for Dry/ Less Toned Skin Type. 
LA BELLETM Hydra Essence contains high concentration of H20 &HA as well as blended with natural herbal extract is perfect combination to hydrate and & rejuvenate skin. It locks moisture and restore elasticity of the skin, hence minimize wrinkle and give the skin a youthful appearance.

RM 65.00 for each box!!

La Belle Face Lift Contour with Soy Peptide Essence (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

For Wrinkled, Dry and Aging Skin Type

La Belle (TM) Face Lift Contour with Soy Peptide Essence contain soy peptide extract is traditionally excellence plant-derived protein source and amino acid, an essential for firm and wrinkleless skin. It also a great anti oxidant that reduce free radical which protecting skin from irritation and provide anti-aging benefit. 

RM 70.00 for each box!!

La Belle Lightening Essence (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

For All Skin Type, especially formulated for Dull, Dark Spot & Pigmentation Skin

LA BELLETM Lightening Essence is highly effective skin essences that concentrates to tone down skin pigmentation & to detoxifies skin. It can be applied daily which contributes to lighten the skin and to fade on-going aging spots and recover skin pigmentations.

RM 70.00 for each box!!

How to Apply Essence to Skin?

To obtain maximum results, carry out the treatment for 10 to 15 days. After careful cleansing, distribute the content of the ampoule evenly over the face, neck and décolleté. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the ingredient is fully absorbed. Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream.

All La Belle Essence are expired in year 2017 so no worries on the expiry date :)

To purchase any of the above,

Please visit my website at http://www.sweetampoules.com

Thank you for your support!!

Sweet Ampoules

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