Wednesday, October 30, 2013

La Belle Marine Sea Face Scrub with Fucus (Seaweed) extract :D :D

Perfect Removal of Dead Skin Cells leaving your face Sparkling Clean & Soft !!!

La BelleTM Marine Sea Face Scrub is an exhilarating scrub containing natural marine protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements found within Fucus Extract. Combined with collagen and allantoin, this marine enriched scrub thoroughly cleanses and removes dead cells off the skin’s surface through catalysis, leaving the complexion rejuvenated and glowing.

Directions to use :)
Apply evenly on clean and dry face, Wait about 2-3 minutes until small beads appeared, mild  massage with fingertips then rinse off with clean water.

I usually scrub my face during my evening bath together with my selected choice of Cleanser!!

One Bottle- RM 60.00

Benefits of Fucus (Seaweed) Extract
This bottle could lasts me for at least 2 months! After all, we don't scrub our face everyday, don't we? :)

Happy Shopping Girls!!!

How to Order?

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