Wednesday, October 30, 2013

La Belle Paris Rose Toner :):)

Alcohol- Free formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Toner Keeps Skin Healthy and Radiant!!

La BelleTM Aloe Rose Toner is formulated from pure extract of rose flower. It has light texture and refreshing scent. It helps to regenerate and rebuild the skin cells and to increase the vitality of the skin. La Belle Rose toner has a high degree of moisture and special design to mix use with our Powder Masks to obtain double moisture to our skin. La Belle Rose Toner also helps in tighten up pores and has deep cleansing effect. Its alcohol-free formula with Aloe and Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory, contraction and sedative effect.

Super Awesome Rose Toner which provides refreshing and hydrating to the skin. Smoothen and soften your skin texture!

Directions to use :)
After Scrubbing with La Belle Marine Sea Scrub, Cleanses Face with your favorite cleanser, Apply on cotton pad or spray the toner onto cleansed face gently (For Day & Night use)

La Belle Rose Toner also can be used as an activator to mix the La Belle Powder Mask for your weekly facial treatment! It gives a double moisture effect on your gentle skin!

One Bottle- RM 40.00

This bottle could lasts me for at least 1 month! After all, we love to moisture our face everyday, don't we? :)

Happy Shopping Girls!!!

How to Order?

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