Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special Selected Bridal Package- Great Deals on Ampoules & Essence perfectly packed for your preparations on your BIG BIG DAY! At a very very affordable price :)

Hi Girls!!!
Check out this Bridal Package for all bride to be's out there....
Being charge crazily by bridal shops on ampoules, at least RM40 per vial? I would like to share my happiness with all brides out there, the ampoule that I am using is La Belle Paris Ampoules! & if you would put your trust on me and give these products a try, I guarantee you will love it to the max!
For RM120.00, I am selling these self-customized/ selected best La Belle Ampoules + Facial Essentials package below for your big day! It comes in a set and set perfectly for normal/ dry skin!
  • 1 box of perfectly selected ampoules (10 vials in a box)
          -  5 vials of Collagen Repair Ampoules (To use 3 months before your Photo-shoot)
          -  5 vials of Fair Make Up Ampoules (To use during your Photo-shoot)
  • 2 vials of Vitamin C Plus Ampoules (keeps your skin healthy and radiant, To use after the Photo-shoot)
  • 3 vials of Acnex “or” Sooth Hydrating Ampoules (For the Bridegroom aka your hubby!)
         -  Acnex works great for the bridegroom who has pimples or acnes, it will also purify his skin before putting on the husband uses this for the photo shoot. For normal skin Groom, Sooth Hydrating works best!)
  • 2 pcs of selected Face Mask Sheet (For the bride and groom to pamper themselves after a tiring Actual Day & Dinner!)
  • 2 Refill bottle for unfinished ampoules (if you did not finish it, keep it in the bottle for later use :)
  • One mystery gift for the bride coz its her big day! She so deserve all the good things :)

YES!! All the above for only RM 120.00 only! All La Belle Ampoules & Essence are expired in year 2017 so no worries on the expiry date :)

To order the above...

Please email me at

Thank you for your support!!

Sweet Ampoules

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