Sunday, November 3, 2013

La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoules! * To swooosh awayy hatred dark eye circles :)*

Newly Formulated Eye Luxe Ampoules for your sexy eyes!
LA BELLETM ampoules uses only finest natural botanical extracts, vitamins, enzymes and combining with advance research and technology to achieved desired skin result. Skin will show remarkable improvement after usage.

At LA BELLETM, quality and proven ingredient is utmost important essence to an excellence and effective skincare product.

I love applying the Eye Luxe Ampoules in the evening together with my selected choice of Night Cream!

All Ampoules are sold in a box of 10 vials of the same type @

RM 40.00 for each box!!

  1. Ampoules are not available for mixing in an individual box or sold separately due to different skin condition, I do not encourage mixing.
  2. However, you may mix different types of boxes (on any type ampoules) to entitle the special price stated above.
La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoules (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

For treatment of delicate skin around the eye zone area.
  • Increase hydration to the eye cells
  • Minimizes Dark Eye Circles,
  • Reduces Puffiness of the Eyes
  • Reduces Wrinkles around eye contour area

All La Belle Ampoules are expired in year 2017 so no worries on the expiry date :)

To purchase any of the above,

...just follow these simple steps :)

Please visit my website at

Thank you for your support!!

Sweet Ampoules

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