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La Belle Powder Masks!! Mixed it the Miracle La Belle Rose Toner for Long Lasting Rejuvenating & Refreshing Skin!

La Belle Powder Masks is botanically-based formulated to target our skin's ever-changing needs!! When you mix the La Belle Powder Masks with the special activator aka La Belle Rose Toner, it turns into a soft supple clay type masks that works so well on your skin...Other than that, "clay type" masks targets our T-Zone!
This is because clay masks clean out the pores in your T-Zone that cause blackheads. The larger your pores are, the more room there is to trap oil >.<!! so by using a "clay type" facial mask will target the t-zone and keep those pores as clean as possible to avoid clogging. This type of mask also works well on other parts of the body that are prone to breakouts – such as the neck, back and shoulder areas.

Introducing La Belle Powder Masks!!!

All Powder Masks are sold at RM 8.00 per pack where it can be use up to 3 times a week!!

Aloe Vera Powder Masks

Suitable for all skin type
Helps to Calm Down Uncomfortable Skin Conditions & Provide Calming & Moisturizing Effects!
Aloe Vera is naturally 99% water!!! which provides infinite moisture to your skin!

Peppermint Powder Masks

Specially Formulated for Oily Skin. It helps to control Skin Sebum & to soothe acnes/pimples. It also benefits to Refresh & Cooling Down Skin.
Known as one of the world's most healthiest food and natural medicinal remedies, given its powerful abilities to soothe and heal our skin!

Vitamin C (Citrus) Powder Masks

Suitable for all Skin Types
Provide Detoxify, Lightening & Hydrating Effects. Citrus Fruits are Natural Based Anti- Oxidants with Vitamin C and Vitamn E. It also helps to lighten the Skin Colour and Reduce Freckles, Discoloration and Scars. Citrus fruits contain alpha hydroxyl which is a natural exfoliating ingredient. The juices are astringent so they are helpful in treating oily skin and acne
I recommend to use together with the Vitamin C Ampoule and Whitening Ampoule!

Grey Clay Mud Powder Masks

Rich in mineral to help calm down uncomfortable skin conditions. It helps to Stabilize Skin pH, Clear Skin Pores & Cleanses Skin Deeply.
This Grey Mud Masks has a strong drawing action and is perfect to use as a face and/or body treatment. It is great for improving the skin's circulation, reducing open pores and refining the skin. It is also excellent for sunburn, itchy skin and insect bites.

Pearl White Extract Powder Masks

Suitable for All Skin Types

Traditionally recognized benefits of using pearl powder products include: Healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and sun protection. Other anti-aging benefits: Helps to promote cell renewal, enhance elasticity, improve circulation, calming and detoxification and soothes skin texture

Pearl powder is a "Secret ingredient" in many of today's top selling Skin Care Creams and Lotions. Pearl Powder is a Natural Source of Calcium from the Special Choice Pick Freshwater Pearls bred.

Rose Flower Extract Powder Masks

Rose Flower Masks Provides Moisturizing & Smoothing Effect. It helps to promote Skin Suppleness & Elasticity. It also assist to Condition & Balance the skin as well.

It is recommended to mix a few drops on the Hydrating Ampoules to the paste and apply it to your skin!!

Rose Flower Masks Hydrates and Tones the Complexion to restore Radiance and Suppleness to all skin types. It is infused with Rose Petals that literally felt like melting into your skin.

Directions to use La Belle Powder Masks!

Mix a relevant of mask powder with approximately 20-25 ml of mineral water & 20-25 ml of The La Belle Rose Toner until it become a smooth paste

Apply a thin layer of 1-3 mm mask on face. After 15-30 minutes drying, gently peel off the mask from your face!

To purchase any of the above,

Please visit my website at http://www.sweetampoules.com

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