Saturday, December 14, 2013

Awesome Products Review by one of the Top Beauty Bloggers in Malaysia! ありがとう to oh{FISH} :D :D

Yippeee!!! This is Sweet La Belle's First Product Review by One of Malaysia's Top Beauty Blogger! Ms. Sze Hui from reviewed La Belle Skin Care on some of the selected Masks and Ampoules that best suit her!!

Print Screen from

Sweet Ampoules are so so Happy and Glad that La Belle is treating her skin so well and we are truly grateful that she loved La Belle Skin Care in return too!!

Print Screen from

Check out her opinions and comments on the exclusively selected products for her skin type/ skin condition at this link below :D You may try out the products that she have reviewed if you, too has the same skin type :):)

Thank you so much oh{FISH}
Stay Pretty & as Sweet as you are always! 

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