Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ms. Erin Kong from Beauty Face Skin 123 reviewed La Belle and try to guess her verdict *wink wink*

Ms. Erin Kong from beautyfaceskin123 approached La Belle for assistance on her Oily/ Acne Prone Skin :) Guess what! Our Acnex baby gave her a kiss and several dabs on her cheek everyday and after two weeks her skin improved so much that she herself could not believe it! She also have her week after week photos posted in her blog for comparison after using La Belle ampoules and essences...Proud to say that we catered just right for her skin type!

Check out her opinions and comments on the exclusively selected products for her skin type/ skin condition at this link below :D You may try out the products that she have reviewed if you, too has the same skin type :):) Her results are proven professionally!!!

Some Captions from her blog....

(Print Screen from

(Print Screen from

Check out her awesome week by week comparison!!

(Print Screen from
And also her awesome review on La Belle Eye Collagen Treatment Ampoules! Results are proven in 2 weeks + So awesome ya!

(Print Screen from

Thank you Yue Rain!! 

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