Tuesday, May 20, 2014

La Belle Skincare Paris~ The wondrous of having to look like a Parisian/ French women :D:D

Hi All Gorgeousness!!

Do you all know what the meaning of La Belle Peau in French is? It actually meant “Beautiful Skin” and La Belle Skincare is your choice to own one!

There are so many things we all love about the French culture, don’t we? In France, putting on make-up is viewed as something for self enhancement, not to hide under.  French women is known to having very beautiful skin and they emphasize on how to really care for it, For example, this includes cleansing every night, exfoliating every weeks as well as using Ampoules/ Essences and Masks to maintain their inner skin cells! Oh yes, Prevention is the key dearest *wink*  

Parisian Skincare products which most French women used are very gentle and formulated naturally with organic properties, natural botanical extracts and essential oils.  Moisturizers are made with extracted high protein oils too. Hyaluronic Acid and Water is used for hydrating the inside of their bodies, which is another secret weapon to a healthy skin!

Visit, explore & give a tryout on La Belle Skincare now at my blog, sweetampoules.blogspot.com for a peau éclatante naturel (Natural Glowing Skin) :D:D We have different reccomendations of ampoules and essences to be used with your daily skincare regimen. At La Belle Skincare, we make sure 100% that your skin are well hydrated and rejuvenated!

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