Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Announcing the launch of our new website!! Sweet Ampoules are delighted to announce our newly designed online store! Click away and shop with us today!

Sweet Ampoules are thrilled to announce that our new website at 
is now up LIVE!

At Sweet Ampoules, our goal is to provide our visitors and gorgeous customers with an extremely user friendly website. Our newly created site offers an easier navigation with more in- depth information and details on all selected La Belle Ampoules and Essences. La Belle Skin Care is now available for online purchase through our new website where you may surf for the right Ampoules and Essences just right for your skin type.

Check out the new face lift of Sweet Ampoules!!

You may check out generally which ampoules/ essences that is good for your skin following as per the table tabulated...

There are also blogger reviews and testimonials easily ready for your readings when you click our below navigation's :D

Visit us today for a La Belle Peau (which meant "Beautiful Face" in french) !

Thursday, August 7, 2014

La Belle Products Review by one of the Top Beauty Bloggers in Malaysia! ありがとう to :D :D

Owner of Sweet Ampoules lovess reading blogs from all over the world and there are a few beauty bloggers which are her favourites! Chency is the first beauty blogger in Malaysia which she followed and she loved her way of writing her beauty blog posts ❤ When she thought of doing a little marketing for La Belle Skincare, immeiately she thought of her!! Little does she knows it, Chency replied with love and her interests in trying La Belle and a promised product review on her blog ❤ Check it out!

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See her verdict on how La Belle Skin Care does to her skin at


Thank you Chency, it was such an honor!